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I'm really sorry for not being active in deviantart and i wonder if i ever will? haha I will just log in once in a while to post my drawings.

I'm always late to reply comments and all but I really really do appreciate all of your favourites, comments and follows. Thank You so much for your support!

Well actually I don't have my own laptop or pc so i guess it's pretty troublesome which also explains why I dont log in that frequently or properly manage my DA account HAHA. I'm looking forward to the day that I'll be finally getting my own laptop...Then maybe I think I'll be active here? MAYBE. LOL 

About that, I wonder what laptop should i get?  I'm actually planning to buy a MacBook but i just got to know that..MAC DOESN'T SUPPORT PAINTOOL SAI!!!!!! NUUU!! How can this be? Sighhh!!!! Now i'm thinking whether i should buy a macbook or not =_=...the function is good and all but i love sai TvT" . Do you guys have Any recommendations or comments about this? :O 
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Im kind of lazy to manage my DA account >_>
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Hello ! Im really free these days so I decided that i'll be taking in commission noww~! haha...But please note that i can only do line art, well that'd be black and white. Okay please tell me if the price is too low or too high since this is the first time i'll be commissioning so i still dont know much. oh yeah i use paypal and price is in USD~ :D

Headshot characters
3$ ( per character )
+3$ ( for every extra character )
+2$ ( with background, oh it also depends on the difficultly )

my headshot characters would look something like this…

Half body characters
5$ ( per character )
+5$ ( for every extra character )
+2$ ( with background, also depends on the difficultly )

Example of my half body characters drawing… < without bg… < with bg

Sorry i dont think i'll be doing full body coz still not that good yet haha.

Leave a comment if you're interested! ohh i do hope you're interested haha!
If you have any question about it, feel free to ask!

I'll do my best ! :D :D

( oh ps how do you put icons of ur drawing in journal 1? LOLOLOL :X )
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Hello :D I'm planning to open for commission soon~! still not that sure how commission stuff works T_T...i don't know how much should i charge for each or do i know how much should i charge ??  Can you guys tell me how this works? I'm so confused :/

Sigh* Well i really need some money right now

And i doubt if anyone is gonna commish me but it's not wrong to give it a try right? T_T_T"
Please tell me how!
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Hmm normally what are you suppose to write in a journal?? Random stuff or what? AHAHA

Joined DA last week and at first i was like HUH WHAT IS THISSS!!! WHAT? WHATS THAT!? WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THIS!?!?!
Sorry im slow T^T" but im slowly getting a hang of it now! :D but there's still alot of things i dont know um...using some icons in a post or comment or whatever T_T" This is kinda embarrassing but can someone kindly teach me more about DA? HAHAHA

At first when i joined here it thought nobody is going to care about my drawings and all...but but T_T It actually made me really happy when people fav my drawings T_T_T_T" Thank you! ( even though nobody is gonna read this :x ) and and im also really happy when i have watchers ! I dint know ppl bothered watching my art! Thank you!! T_T_T"